As I walked into the Concord Music Hall here in Chicago on 3/28, I really did not know what to expect from the night. I felt more excited about this lineup more than I have about a lot of recent concert lineups because it has been a long time that all 4 bands were bands I absolutely love. The Still Searching Tour lineup consisted of Like Pacific, Movements, Counterparts, and of course Senses Fail.

The Toronto boys from Like Pacific opened up the night and even though I knew who they were, it did not seem like anyone in the crowd was ready for them.  They started out by playing the song “Richmond” off their debut full length “Distant Like You Asked” and the pop punk powerhouse that is Like Pacific was revealed to the crowd.  The energy and passion that this band puts out while performing is too contagious and it is impossible not to get into them.  The crowd was trying to figure them out at the beginning, but by the end the place was moving and the band received much deserved applause after each song.  A must see and listen if you haven’t.  They deserve your attention.

Up next on this epic night was the band Movements from Orange County, CA . Movements are another up and coming band who has made a huge splash with only their EP “Outgrown Things” to their name.  The song “Protection” started the set off and the die-hard Movements fans could be heard reciting every word of this half spoken word/half sung song.  Mid-way through the set we were treated to a brand new song and told that their highly anticipated album would be released this summer while the band is on Warped Tour.  Though this band is young, the performance was that of a veteran band.  There are big things to come from this band!

Up next was Counterparts and even though I had listened to them in the weeks leading up to the show, I really did not know what to expect from the band from Hamilton, Ontario, CA.  As soon as the band played the first riff of the night, the pit opened up and it was game on!  Counterparts put on one of the best performances I have seen from a hardcore band in a long time and the entire crowd responded to each and every song with more energy and aggression.  While they played I couldn’t help but smile knowing that hardcore is still alive and well and bands like Counterparts will continue to inspire the hardcore community youth.

How could the night get any better?  Oh yeah, the reason we were all there, Senses Fail!  The anticipation for the band to walk on stage and begin performing one of the most influential albums in the scene was through the roof.  From start to finish, this set was incredible and it felt much different from the last time I was at a Senses Fail show, it really seemed like Buddy had a new-found love not only for the music he performed, but for life.  He seemed to be in such a happier spot than in years past and it showed in the performance of Still Searching.  Once Still Searching was over, the band played a few newer songs from their last record “Pull The Thorns From Your Heart” and their new EP “In Your Absence” and then Buddy took to the microphone to let us know what I had felt since the start of their set.  He had mentioned that he is in a much better place in his life and that we could expect a new record to come out that would sound like it was released between “Let It Enfold You” and “Still Searching” which was a surprise and joy to all in the crowd.  Senses Fail would finish the set with a few songs of Let It Enfold you which made the scene kid still inside of me beyond happy.

-Eric Neyhart

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