The horror punk genre has been dominated with bands like The Misfits. T.S.O.L, and AFI, but there is a new comer that goes by the name of Creeper.  The six piece band from Southampton, England released their debut full length Eternity, in Your Arms  on March 24th, 2017 and let the punk rock world know that they are a force to be reckoned with.  The band consists of members Will Gould, Ian Miles, Hannah Greenwood, Sean Scott, Dan Bratton, and Oliver Burdett which are some of the best punk rock musicians I have listened to in quite awhile.

The album is led off with the song Black Rain which starts out with a nice piano piece that leads into a spoken word, but this in no way shows how the album is going to go.  After the spoken word and piano finishes we are greeted with a loud and fast drum roll and amazing guitar riff that instantly makes you want to bang your head!  One of the best things about this album is the constant switch between good old fashioned punk rock riffs to theatrical sounding choruses and gang vocals.  The vocals that Will Gould and Hannah Greenwood provide on this album remind me of the reincarnation of Meatloaf’s scene from The Rocky Horror Picture Show and no song reminds me of this more than Suzanne.

The album also has some ballads, Misery and Crickets, in which show us just how incredible Will and Hannah’s vocal range are.  Hannah sings on Crickets and you can hear the pain in her voice with lyrics such as, “She’s in your jeans, but I don’t care. You were my dream.  Now my nightmare.” and “I think to the night that you handed me back, Records that we shared and the life that we had.  You said in that condescending tone,
I’ll never forget you.”

Overall, this album is something I believe the punk genre has needed in a world that can often sound the same.  Creeper has put out something special with this album and it will take you on an emotional journey as some songs give you goosebumps and others make you want to jump around your room like you did as a kid growing up on punk rock!  This is a must pick up even if you are not into punk rock, our punk community will welcome you with open arms as we all bounce around to Creeper for years to come!

-Eric Neyhart

For Fans of: AFI, The Misfits, The Bouncing Souls, Against Me, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

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