Just when you start to think that Pop Punk might be dead, a band like Get By comes along and lets us know that it is alive and well!  Get By is from Northwest Indiana and the member lineup consists of Andrew Contreras, Chris Plant, Josh Riede, Larry Rosinko, Jack Schwent, and Frank Rosado.  Their debut EP titled …Or Die will release on April 20th and I had the pleasure to get a sneak peek of what they have put together.

The album is a pure Pop Punk album that took me back to the days of listening to H2O, Set Your Goals, and many other bands from the golden era of Pop Punk.  With its upbeat guitar riffs, sad/pissed off lyrics, and excellent drumming, this EP is everything that a fan of this genre will want.  The song that sticks out to me the most can be found on their band camp account (link provided below).  It is everything that I love in a pop punk song, upbeat riffs and drums with sad sappy lyrics.  The title of the track is “Stuff Your Sorries In a Sack” and the lyrics are some of the best I have heard from a local band in a while.  My favorite lyric is provided to us as the chorus, “As I fall, I think of things that I have done and it makes me sick.  After all, our lives are way too short for me to be such a dick.”  If this doesn’t scream pop punk, I don’t know what does!  This EP made me upset when it ended because it kept me wanting more from them.

This band is going to do great things and they are a breath of fresh air in a genre that has become cookie cutter.  You can see the band and pick up their EP at their release party on April 21st at Franklin House in Valparaiso, IN.  In the meantime, head over to their band camp and enjoy the song “Stuff Your Sorries In a Sack” and support local music!

-Eric Neyhart

Get By Band Camp

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