What is better than going to a concert?  Going to a free concert!  On April 6th, I was invited by a friend to go see Minus The Bear since we had talked about going before, but didn’t have the extra cash to go.  She had managed to get some free tickets so we made our way over to House Of Blues Chicago to enjoy a show that I honestly never thought I would find myself at.  While I love Minus The Bear, I’m more known for going to Metal and Hardcore shows, so to say I was out of my element was an understatement.

First up for the night was Bayonne which was a one man band!  Bayonne(Roger Sellers) was an interesting act as he had different music equipment in which he was creating loops of music and providing some vocals over those loops after he was done creating them.  I didn’t know what to think during the first song, but he eventually won me over just because of the pure talent to create music like that.  A must listen for those who are fans of these types of musicians.

Up next was Beach Slang and boy was I blown away by this band.  I had heard of them before, but had never really given them a listen.  A side note about me, if I’m on the fence about a band, their live show will be the ultimate deciding factor for me.  Beach Slang took the stage and right from the first riff of the guitars I was hooked!  Punk Rock is the best way to describe this band and they live up to the punk rock lifestyle by playing fast and loud.  Also, any band that plays a fun cover of Wonderwall is more than okay in my book!  Beach Slang made it fun and got the crowd moving with their upbeat performance and funny banter with the crowd in between songs.  They said they will be back in the Fall here in Chicago and I will most likely be attending that show as well because they gained a fan out of me.

Last to the stage was the reason why 90% of the crowd was there that night, Minus The Bear.  Once the boys from Seattle took the stage, the crowd was taken on the magical musical journey that is Minus The Bear.  They opened up with their new song “Last Kiss” off the new album Voids, which just happens to be my favorite song off the album, so I was instantly hooked to the performance.  One thing that I admired most about the lead singer, Jake Snider, was just how effortless he seems to sing and produce such an amazing voice.  The energy was electric in House Of Blues and at certain points in the show I found myself just closing my eyes and swaying to the music thinking about outer space or some other crazy imaginary place I would travel to while listening to this band.  If you haven’t seen Minus The Bear, I highly suggest not missing them if they come to your city or near your city.

Overall, this metal head/hardcore kid was well out of his element and that was more than okay on this night.  All 3 artists put on amazing performances and there is no doubt I would see them all again if they came back through Chicago.  If you haven’t yet, check out the most recent releases by these bands and get lost in some of the best albums I’ve listened to that aren’t in my normal playlist.

-Eric Neyhart

Newest Albums

Minus The Bear- Voids

Beach Slang- A Loud Bash Of Teenage Feelings

Bayonne- Primitives 

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