As I sit and listen to Stoleaway’s album, I can’t help but smile knowing that hardcore music will continue to live on as the younger generations continue on with the tradition. Stoleaway is a local band from Northwest Indiana and their new record, A Monument to My Sins,  is something special that every fan of hardcore should check out.  The members of Stoleaway are Steve Savich(Vocals), Mil Savich(Guitar), Mike Klein(Drums), and Chris Brown(Bass) and was formed in 2013.

This record is a pure hardcore record, meaning that it consists of heavy riffs, heavy vocals, and some breakdowns that are bound to open up any pit in venues across Indiana and wherever else this band may go in the future.  Though many influences can be heard throughout the record, I’d put them in the same category with bands like The Ghost Inside, Stray From The Path, and Knocked Loose.  The first song off the record is called “Casualty” and it immediately lets you know what this band is all about with a heavy riff and drum beat about 15 secs into the song.  With lyrics like, “In a state of free fall praying that I won’t survive the impact: Always the conduit and never the destination. Force my goodbye” you’ll quickly find out that these guys take pride in writing original lyrics and not just phoning it in like some bands within the genre might often do.  The 13 other songs on this album will keep these type of thoughts in your head and I challenge you to not start a mosh wherever you might listen to this album.

The boys in Stoleaway have put together a special record that I think the local hardcore scene has needed for a long time.  It is pure, uncensored hardcore music that will get you moving no matter where you might be.  You can check them out live at their next show on April 15th at Big Shots in Valparaiso, IN where they will be playing with The Browning, The Last Ten, Seconds Of Life, Blessing A Curse, Her Eyes Glazed Over, A Forbidden Ending, and Anchor The Vessel.  You can also check out this album on Spotify and Stoleaway’s Band Camp, links provided below.

-Eric Neyhart

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The Ghost Inside, Knocked Loose, Stray From The Path, Ghost Key

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