In the early morning of Riot Fest in 2016, I was brought to a stage by a friend to check out a band that I had never heard of before.  By the end of this bands set I felt a happiness that I hadn’t felt in a long time with a band, that band was Brick + Mortar.  Fast forward 7 months and the duo of Brandon Asraf (vocals and bass) and John Tacon (drums, electronic samples, vocals) have released a new single called One Little Pill and it is everything you would come to expect from Brick + Mortar.

After a battle with their record label, Brick + Mortar finally own their songs again and they have decided to remaster their EP “Dropped” they are calling “Dropped Again” in which 2 new songs will be added.  One Little Pill is one of the new songs that will be on that release.  The song starts out with an upbeat sample that leads into Brandon’s booming reggae style vocals that will instantly put a smile on your face.  The song hits on the fact that everyone has problems that they are dealing with in life and how we seek help to get through it. With lyrics like, “Depression is an ugly word, face it.  Let’s talk about it, I’m here to just take it.  Just think about it, yeah yeah I know you hate it, the problems that your running from” let you know that it’s okay to not be okay and to face those problems to get through them rather than rely on one little pill that may just bring those problems back anyway.  That’s my interpretation of the song and it could be off from what the real meaning could be, but this song will challenge you to open up and free your mind.

Brick + Mortar is one of those bands that has been put through the meat grinder in the music industry, but keep working harder than ever to put out music that they are proud of.   When they come back through Chicago, there is no way my friends and I will miss them and if they come to your city they are a must see.  The future is looking bright for this duo and they deserve everything that they accomplish in this industry.  Check out One Little Pill on Spotify along with the bands previous 2 releases and be ready to create some smile wrinkles as you listen.

-Eric Neyhart

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