Friday April 21st was a day I had been highly anticipating since the ticket confirmation hit my email.  Thursday was back on tour and brought a stacked lineup with them that consisted of Cities Aviv, Touche Amore, and Basement.  The last time I saw Thursday and Touch Amore was on Riot Fest 2016, but honestly fests never do these types of bands justice.  This was a night that I won’t soon forget as all the bands once again tore the House Of Blues Chicago down to the ground.

The first artist to take the stage was Cities Aviv and any other tour, I would most likely pass on seeing them.  However, as Geoff from Thursday said, Cities Aviv was added to this tour as a way to challenge the crowd and make them think while they are watching.  Cities Aviv was a one man act who created beats while on stage and provided some hip hop vocals with them.  He really reminded me of a less aggressive Death Grips as his set continued.  Honestly, I was not into it at the beginning of the set, but he quickly won me over as time went on.  Cities Aviv is an interesting act to check out live if you have the chance.

Next to the stage was Touche Amore and I can’t begin to express the excitement I felt in the moments leading up to their set.  The last club show of theirs I should have attended was when they toured with Circa Survive, but had to sell my ticket since I moved down to Florida at that time.  As soon as the screen went up, I found myself in the pit and quickly two rows back from the stage.  Every song tugged on my heart strings as Jeremy sang his heart out on each song.  The song that got to me the most was Rapture off of their album “Stage Four” because it brought up many thoughts of the loss that my friends and I had to deal with 2 years ago of our best friend.  I’d be lying to you if I said I didn’t shed a few tears.  By the last song of the set, the adrenaline in my veins was at an all time high so I crowd surfed up to sing with the band.  I won’t forget the smile on Jeremy’s face as I sang every lyric to the song ~ off their full length album “Parting The Sea Between Brightness and Me” which just happens to be my 2nd favorite album out of their 4.  I had the pleasure of meeting Jeremy at the end of the night and he was the most genuine person I have met from a band.  He mentioned they will be back in Chicago in the fall and there is no way I won’t be there.

Basement was the third band to take to the stage on this night and I’ll be 100% honest, I didn’t think they would top the set that Touch Amore just put on.  Now, while they didn’t top the Touche set, Basement matched the energy and performance.  I wasn’t very familiar with their albums, but they easily reminded me of bands like Citizen and Turnover so it was very easy for me to get into their performance.  The crowd had kept up the energy they had from the previous set and sang the words just as loud as the band.  Basement is now on my radar and I will see them again if they decide to make their way back to Chicago.

Now for the reason this tour was even happening, the legends that are Thursday were finally taking the stage.  After taking a break from the mosh pit, my friends and I were ready to get back in and once again tear up House of Blues like we have done for 10 years together.  Thursday played a variety of songs off of their albums, but the classics that I went crazy for were Cross Out The Eyes, Understanding In a Car Crash, Jet Black New Year, and Counting 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.  With a set list containing those songs, how could it get any better?  We found out with the encore when Thursday stepped back onto the stage and played War All The Time (I have never seen this song live) and Turnpike Divides.  Thursday is one of those bands who will always be a staple in this scene and each time I see them live I am amazed they still put on one of the greatest live shows that I have seen from any band out there.  I really hope they are back for some time and this reunion tour isn’t the only tour they have for the next few years.

-Eric Neyhart

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