In what I consider the glory days of the Metalcore scene, we were blessed with bands like August Burns Red, Parkway Drive, and many other influential bands at that time.  It has been a long time since a band has filled the void that I have been missing since those early days in the Metalcore scene.  The Royal have filled that void with their new album.

The band released their new album “Seven” on March 31st 2017 and is made up of it’s members Sem Pisarahu, JD Liefting, Loet Brinkmans, Tom van Ekerschot, and Pim Wesselink.  The band hails from the Netherlands and their new album will absolutely melt your face off with it heavy vocals, sweeping guitar riffs/solos, and thunderous drum work.  The album starts off with the song Thunder and you will be taken on the journey that is The Royal from the opening guitar riff in the song.  The song is a fast paced and explosive opener for an album that is much the same.  My favorite track off of this entire album is Feeding Wolves.  At the beginning you will feel safe as the guitar almost lulls you to sleep, but once we are joined with the drums and the booming vocals of the song, you will be banging your head in no time.  While the song is heavy and faced paced, many will be drawn to it because it is also one of the most melodic off the album.  The album is littered with intelligent lyrics throughout, but Feeding Wolves had my favorite line.  “Veiled to the blind mind I’m buried deep in the ground.  They call me judge to the seminar.  Reigning from the heart I will resolve.  Feeding the wolves.”  Check out the song below!

Overall, this album is everything I wanted it to be within the metalcore genre.  It is a nice escape from some of the bands I normally listen to and a breath of fresh air that reignited the metal kid inside of me.  The band is an up and comer that is a force to be reckoned with and the new album “Seven” will prove that to each and every single listener.  Check out the band on Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify.  You can also purchase the album yourself, along with some other cool merch, at the bands online store below!

-Eric Neyhart

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