What is a better way to start off the month of May than seeing some amazing bands at what I consider the best venue in Chicago, Bottom Lounge.  May 1st graced us with a lineup that I was very surprised I liked after seeing the performances due to it not being my normal go to listens.  The lineup consisted of Queen Of Jeans, From Indian Lakes, and Balance & Composure who I was finally seeing for the first time in a club rather than a fest.  The night was definitely one I will not forget anytime soon.

First up was Queen Of Jeans and I will be 100% honest, I walked into the venue late and only caught one song by them while I was grabbing the 2 Balance & Composure vinyls I was itching to get.  From what I heard, I was impressed by the band and will for sure be giving them more of a listen while I discover more music in the coming months.  While I can’t give an accurate review, please enjoy the song that I have really enjoyed from their discography below.

From Indian Lakes was next and I had listened to a little bit by them in the days leading up to the show.  While they are nowhere near what I normally listen to, I was instantly put in a trance from the first strike of the guitar.  Bands that play through their songs without creating too much banter with the crowd really appeal to my get my monies worth part of my brain as I want to hear as many songs as possible, especially if they are brand new to me.  When the band did stop in between a few songs, they cracked some jokes and made the experience of their set very enjoyable.  The band had the entire crowd swaying to their songs and gained a new fan in me with the incredible live performance they put on.  The vibe in the room was very positive and the smiles were abundant as From Indian Lakes continued on through their set.  If you get the chance, catch them if they come to a city near you, you won’t be let down.  Enjoy my favorite song by the band, Blank Tapes.

Balance & Composure took the stage last on this night and the anticipation was at an all time high as they powered on their amps and took their positions on stage.  Balance & Composure is a band that will never be replicated once they call it quits and on this night they proved that statement.  From the opening guitar riffs, the crowd was moving and singing back every single word to the songs for the rest of the night.  The stage presence that the band has is incredible as the crowd hangs on every word as the music flows through them.  Balance & Composure played a good amount of songs off their new album “Light We Made” and sprinkled in plenty of classics from their albums “The Things We Think We’re Missing” and “Seperation” before ending the night with the song, I Tore You Apart In My Head.  I never thought I would see a mosh pit open up for a band like this, but was I proved wrong as for the last half of the set there was plenty of push moshing to go around.  Balance & Composure is a staple in the new wave emo scene and is a must see if they come to a town near you.  You can pick up the new album and see the rest of their tour dates on the official Light We Made Website.

-Eric Neyhart

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