With the summer of 2017 upon us, I have been looking for an album I can bring to the beaches of Chicago and blare it without offending anyone.  Heavy Things has provided that album with their release Goner.  Heavy Things is signed to InVogue Records and is made up of Will Deely, Alex Giles, Chris Heidel, and Casey Costello and these guys have some major talent which is shown with each and every song off of this album.  Goner is an album that you can take to the beach, walk around your city listening to, and go on some late night drives that will get you thinking about life and it’s meaning.

Goner consists of 10 tracks and has some unforgettable songs such as Sold, Badge of Honor, and Car in which you will shortly find yourself singing every word to once you listen to them a few times.  Growing up on late 90’s alternative rock and early 2000’s emo, this album instantly grabbed me as a listener and took me back to those days.  That being said, the album is one that no matter your music taste, you will be able to enjoy it with its emo/rock/pop feel that it has all throughout.  With its upbeat sound and sometimes sad lyrical content, everyone should be able to find someway to relate to this album.  Many of the lyrics are the most relate able, especially for us in the Midwest, I have heard in some time from a band in this genre.  One of my personal favorites comes from the song Sold, “I’ve been sold on the same old dreams/
Like changing scenery will change anything/No matter the distance I’ll always be, at arms length from finding any peace.”

From the soothing intro Bones to the ballad that is Car that ends this album, you will feel different feelings throughout as you are taken on a musical journey by Heavy Things.  You may smile and you may tear up, but one thing is for sure, you will not be upset that you listened to this amazing album.  Check out the bands Instagram, Facebook, and Merch Store below and support a band that is worth supporting!  You can also see them on tour with JT Woodruff(Hawthorne Heights) and River Oaks(Shane Told of Silverstein) this May, tour dates below, I’ll be at the Chicago date so find me and say hello!

-Eric Neyhart

Heavy Things Facebook

Heavy Things Instagram

Heavy Things Merch

Tour Dates

May 10: Chicago, IL @Beat Kitchen

May 12: Las Vegas, NV @Beauty Bar

May 13: Anaheim, CA @Parish Room at House Of Blues

May 14: San Diego, CA @Voodoo Room at House Of Blues

May 15: Los Angeles, CA @Resident

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