To be honest, I was a bit apprehensive on putting this review together on May 5th when the album was released based solely on a superstition. If you are from the Northwest Indiana area like I am then you’re already aware that we have been experiencing rain each day for what has felt like 40 straight days. When I first looked at the album and track listing, I noticed that the opening track was titled “Let It Rain” and at that point I became nervous. May 5th began like every day before it with dark, blackened rain clouds and the complete absence of sun so I was hesitant to start my review in fear of jinxing the weather gods.  Once I got past the coincidence of our recent rainstorms and a single track on an amazing album, I persevered and in a true traditional pop-punk fashion pushed my emotions aside and began my review. It was at this point that the clouds pushed forward east and the sun began to shine on my day, showing me that days of rain will end and brightness will shortly follow.

For starters, this album is simply amazing. Each note of every song has immense purpose and intent. Every lyric has intense meaning and is completely relatable to every listener out there. In my experience, a typically pop-punk album will go through a checklist of emotions and if you were to dig deep into this album you would realize that it hits every one of those points on that list. “Adornment” touches on losing love and dealing with grief, missing home and running away from home, depression and suicide, broken relationships and heartbreak, unanswered questions and wondering why.  This album is filled to the brim with emotions that all of us encounter every day of our lives and in part that is why we turn to music in the first place; to escape the routine of daily life and to find solace with our pains. Having experienced Grayscale perform live just a few days ago (Check out my review of that show below), I can now say that after listening and feeling all that this band and album portray, I am now in complete admiration of this band and it’s message.

Sleep On It, Grayscale, Roam, and As It Is (Live Review)

While each of the tracks featured on “Adornment” are beautifully composed and orchestrated, my favorite track from the album is Fever Dream. This track has reached deep into my heart and speaks to the trials I have personally been facing in my own life. The lyric “So sit down, shut off, I don’t know how I let you lead so long/Cause right now you’re only holding me back/Cause I’m not where I want to be and you’re not who I wish you were/So I’ll rest my eyes and we’ll try in another life.” is one that entirely summarizes my current life situation and will be one that I hold onto for the rest of my life (Check out Fever Dream below). Overall, this is an album full of heart-felt lyrics, powerful notes, chanting choruses, memorable one-liners and a roller coaster of emotions. “Adornment” has found a very comfortable place in my pop-punk summer rotation and this album will carry the listener through whatever ails their soul.

You can check out Grayscale’s “Adornment” on Spotify and Itunes and can buy your psychical copy and some other cool gear at the bands merch store below!

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-Derek Hayes


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