The evening for me began with a bit of anticipation on who would open up for NF at the House of Blues on May 5th in Chicago. Having seen NF in the fall of 2016 at the Bottom Lounge, I assumed that Fleurie would open again since no other artists were announced on the second installment of the Therapy Session tour. When I arrived at the House of Blues moments before show time, I was caught off guard by how many people were in attendance and had already arrived way earlier than I had for the show. The lower floor section (which I had a ticket for) was completely crowded and so were all of the routes I would take to get there so I chose to stand off to the side of the stage by the bar and in between the shoulders of two giants for a somewhat decent view of the stage. Just off in the darkness of the stage was a keyboard so up to that point I still believed Fleurie was opening and since I enjoyed her performance previously I was much looking forward to it. But to my surprise, two gentlemen walked out onto the stage and a large screen backdrop light up with the name Kyd The Band.

Kyd The Band consists of two brothers named Kyle and Devin Guisande from Nashville, Tennessee. Kyle played the keyboard for a few tracks and played guitar for the remainder of the set while Devin played a drum pad and did vocals. Musically, Kyd The Band pulled influences from all types of genres ranging from hip-hop, funk, reggae, house, surf and psychedelic pop meshing all of these various styles and influences into a well-crafted sound. While Kyd The Band hasn’t released an official EP or LP as of yet, you can listen to demos of the songs they played that night on their website. I was blown away by their overall performance and their ability to bring together such a unique sound with just two members. Their sound was full and fun. Devin announced at the beginning of their set that their job was to get the crowd bouncing and warmed up for NF and they exceeded that task ten-fold in my opinion. I would be surprised if a single person in the crowd that night didn’t walk away as a new Kyd The Band fan. It speaks volumes if you are opening up for an artist like NF whom is selling out shows left and right while on tour and you are able to do this without releasing a single album. Kyd The Band is definitely worth your attention and I recommend doing it now before they soon become a household name. My favorite track of theirs is Surfin’ which can be found by following the link below.

Kyd The Band-Surfin

To close the night and the reason we all came to the House of Blues was NF. NF (Nathan Feuerstein) is a Christian hip-hop artist from Gladwin, Michigan. The moment NF took the stage up to the point when he left it the entire room shook with excitement. Every person in the building was doing one if not all of the following: bobbing their head, waving their hand front to back, bouncing up and down, or singing every word to his music. This sold-out performance was filled with either fans who admire all of NF’s work to people who have endlessly heard from their friends about NF’s work that they had to come just to see what the hype was all about. Regardless of which category you would place yourself in, I believe that everyone walked out of the building that night in sheer awe and amazement of the performance that they just witnessed and experienced. NF’s presence and stage performance can simply be described as ferocious. For the night, the majority of tracks performed were off of his second full-length release titled “Therapy Session” in which this tour was in support of. The highlight track performed from this album was I Just Wanna Know; which is linked below. NF also performed a few tracks off his first full-length album “Mansion” as well as sprinkled in a few unreleased tracks. The crowd was treated to two special tracks this evening. The first one was a rendition of the Futuristic track Epiphany in which NF is a featured artist on. If you haven’t listened to this song before, which was released in March of this year, check it out here(Epiphany). The second treat of the night came in the form of an entirely new, unreleased track titled On A Hundred. If you are curious about this song there are live show recordings by fans on YouTube from previous stops in the Therapy Session tour. Personally, I would suggest waiting patiently until NF’s third full-length is released (which he stated at the show that the new album is about 80% complete and that he is excited with the progress of it so far) and to not spoil your appetite for new, amazing music.

I can personally say that in a lot of ways I am beyond ecstatic about being able to see NF twice within the last year at the Bottom Lounge and now at the House of Blues. I truly believe that the sky is the limit for this artist and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if NF were to play and sell-out the Aragon Ballroom on his next major tour in support of his third full-length album and to even be selling out the All-state Arena in the ever so near future. I will forever stand by my claim that “Therapy Session” was hands down the greatest album of 2016 and I generally believe that I am far from the only one who believes that as well. Keep an eye out for any NF news in the coming months (I will be doing a review on any single that is officially released) and if you haven’t already gone back to listen to his previous work I would recommend starting with his newest released single titled Warm Up (which can be found below) and working backwards.

-Derek Hayes

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