The Wire – 5/10/17

In January of 2008, I heard For The Fallen Dreams for the first time with the release of their debut full-length album titled “Changes”. Since that day, I have dreamt of seeing this band perform. Along with a few other bands I have never seen live, even after 400 plus shows in my lifetime in the past 17 years, For The Fallen Dreams was at the top of that list. Between a mixture of my schedule, poor timing, hiatus, and tours nowhere near me, I anxiously waited for a night like tonight after nearly a decade of dreaming and wishing.

The weather surrounding The Wire located in Berwyn, Illinois was filled with dark, ominous rain clouds that were gearing up to storm at any given notice. Unfortunately, due to work and traffic, I ended up missing the sets of Capital Vices and Speaking With Ghosts as well as the beginning of VCTMS.

Capital Vices is a 5-piece metalcore band hailing from the suburbs of Chicago, IL. They released their debut full-length album titled “My Destiny, My Dynasty, My Deepest Dream” in August of 2016 and have been playing a ton of shows in the Chicagoland area since. Once we are able to get our hands on their debut album we would love to give it a spin and review it as part of our Support Local Sunday’s feature we will be adding to the blog soon. You can check out Capital Vices’ video for Create Yourself linked here (Capital Vices-Create Yourself).

Speaking With Ghosts is a 5-piece metalcore band from Chicago, IL. They have released an ep titled “Searching For Direction” in February 2015. Since the ep, the band has released one official single titled The Boy Who Lived which the video for this song has been linked here (Speaking With Ghost – The Boy Who Lived). Speaking With Ghosts will be on tour with Curses at the start of June 2017 so make sure to check them out when they arrive in your area.

VCTMS is a 4-piece metalcore band from Streamwood, IL. Having seen VCTMS open up for Gideon in September of 2016 at Big Shots in Valparaiso, IN I was excited to see how far the band has come along since then. I have been seeing and hearing a lot of this band over these past few months and was anticipating to hear their new tracks. VCTMS released their first full-length album titled “Vol. II Inside The Mind” in March of 2017. Having picked up this album at the show and listened to it these past few days, I can’t wait to review this album and for it to be my first official review for our Support Local Sunday’s feature we hope to be adding to the blog in the relatively near future. After seeing and now listening to this band, the one main takeaway I can gather is their ability to be precise. Their sound is powerful and tight. They mix a lot of different genres and samples throughout their performance that enhances the overall feeling of their sound giving it depth. You can check out VCTMS’ video for Demon // Limbs linked here (VCTMS-Demons//Limbs) which was officially released 5/12/17. You can also find VCTMS on tour with Portals on the N. Sane Tour destroying the east coast towards the end of the month.

Deadships is a 5-piece metal band composed of David Kvistad, Kyle Church, Kyle Yocum, Petr Keres, James Pezanoski from Chicago, IL. The band is currently signed to Stay Sick Recordings and released their debut full-length album titled “The Darkness That Divides Us” in October of 2016. Deadships brought the bounce with their performance cranking through the majority of their debut album. The highlight track for me was This Bitter Pill which the band just released a video for the morning of the show which has been linked below. The song hits on love lost and having to accept the idea of moving on. While it is a slower jam compared to the remainder of the album, this song is crammed with emotion and speaks to the heart of anyone who has dealt with losing someone and having to pick yourself back up. Once I’ve gone through the album a few times, I will be posting a review of it here. Overall, their performance was great. Their sound is easy to get lost in and gives the audience a chance to move and groove to while also allowing for the occasional breakdown and sing-a-long. Definitely check these guys out as they continue to gain traction in the metal scene tour after tour as the supporting artist patiently waiting for their chance to gain the spotlight and a headlining tour of their own. This is one of those bands that you will wish you had heard and seen before they blow up in the near future and all of their efforts begin to pay off.

Up next and set to prime the stage was Varials from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Personally, I enjoy metalcore and bands that would fall into that genre, but for me nothing is more entertaining and exciting than a hardcore band. Varials by basic definition is a hardcore band. To shed even more light onto the fact that they are hardcore, Travis Tabron (vocals) stepped onto the stage bleeding from his mouth after having been punched in the face prior to the show. He went on to say “Always stand up for what you believe in and for what you feel is right, even if it means getting punched in the face”. To me, nothing is more hardcore than that simple statement. Varials overtook The Wire with raw, intense energy and tore through this venue like a tornado; ripping through song after song from their deluxe edition ep titled “Failure//Control”. After each song, a break was used to wipe blood away from the mouth of one of the toughest hardcore vocalists I have had the privilege of seeing. This band is a force, a destroyer, and if you get the chance to see them perform live, you take it. Varials announced that they have been working on their debut full-length and expect it to be released this fall. My highlight track from the performance was their closer titled Savage which a live video has been linked below. After watching that video, I am now saving up to buy a plane ticket to travel to Philadelphia to see their next hometown show. Additionally, if you scour the internet long enough you can find footage of a man who moshed naked at that very show; if you’re into new trends in the hardcore scene.

And to the moment I had been waiting for, the chance to mark a band I have been waiting to see off of my unseen list. For The Fallen Dreams is a metalcore/hardcore band from Lansing, Michigan. While the lineup has changed a lot since being formed in 2003, the one member that I have always enjoyed and was excited to be back in the band was Chad Ruhlig. Chad was the vocalist for their debut album “Changes” and their most recent album “Heavy Hearts” which was released in 2014. Both of these albums are my personal favorites from the band and if you have never listened to this band before, I recommend starting with Heavy Hearts and then going back to the beginning with Changes and listen to the albums in chronological order from there. The majority of the set featured songs from the “Heavy Hearts” album and crushed through the crowd like a tidal wave. Each song hitting harder than the one prior. The room vibrated with each breakdown and bass drop. The ground shook with every stomp and jump from the crowd. Overall, the performance was heavy and I’m sure everyone in the crowd felt the weight of emotion bearing down on their shoulders. The highlight track from their performance was the track Bombay which has been linked below. To close the night, For The Fallen Dreams performed Brothers In Arms which will forever be my favorite track of theirs and brought me back to the winter of 2008 when I first got hands on the “Changes” album. After finally seeing this song performed live, I truly felt whole. The crowd climbed onto the back of each person in the front row, screaming the words “Where were you, when I needed you” and it was in that subtle moment I finally felt at peace.   

-Derek Hayes


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