Just before the start of 2017, I had made a list of 3 bands that had incredible EPs and were planning on releasing their first full-length album in 2017. The list included Ghost Key, The White Noise and Movements.  Early this year, we received the Ghost Key full-length album titled “If I Don’t Make It” (which you can read a review of this album on our page). While we are still waiting for news on when the Movements full-length will drop, we have been treated to a sneak peek at what’s to come from The White Noise with their official release of Bite Marks on May 11th, 2017.

The White Noise is a post-hardcore band based out of Los Angeles, California and consists of Shawn Walker, David Southern, Josh Strock, Bailey Crego and Tommy West. While the term “post-hardcore” is used relatively loosely these days to place bands in a genre, The White Noise is one of those bands that cannot be classified into a specific genre or sound. It is difficult to put a general label on their sound and the band allows the audience the chance to interpret the sound for themselves. This couldn’t be more apparent after listening to Bite Marks or their previously released EP titled “Aren’t You Glad?”. Every song The White Noise has composed so far possesses unique and unclassifiable characteristics that each song individually can appeal to the masses of listeners out there.

Bite Marks picks up right where The White Noise left off from the “Aren’t You Glad?” ep. Having seen the band twice during 2016 (in May on the Enter Shikari tour at the Bottom Lounge and in September on the Dance Gavin Dance tour at the Portage Theater) and hearing this song played at both performances I can say that it is a perfect complement to the songs the band currently has in their arsenal. The opening line of Bite Marks “Don’t you know you’ve had enough? / Don’t you know there’s nothing left? / Everybody wants to hold the wheel, but never steer it / Everybody wants to take a hand, then never heal it” is such a smart lyric and draws you in to see where the song will take you next. You can check out the video for Bite Marks below.

The White Noise are scheduled to release their first full-length album titled “AM/PM” on Fearless Records on June 23rd and once that album is officially released we will be posting a full album review of it here. Currently, The White Noise is wrapping up a tour in Germany and will be playing dates for the Warped Tour beginning in June. If you are planning on going to Warped Tour when it stops in your town, make sure to stop by their stage.  Not only will you love their music, it’s their overall live show that will simply amaze you. The band describes themselves as “a hyperactive blend of aggressive verses, melodic choruses, and Walker’s acidic vocals give the band a raw and explosive edge” so why on Earth would you not want to witness something like that? Personally speaking, I have witnessed it twice and their live performance is exactly as it is described above so don’t be like my friends who missed seeing them for the first time when I tried to beg them to stop eating and to join me in the Bottom Lounge because once you’ve missed the train that is The White Noise, you’ll have to wait for it to come back to get you and this train doesn’t stop often.  

You can pre-order “AM/PM” by following the link below!
The White Noise Bundles

-Derek Hayes

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