With the Summer fast approaching, I am usually in a pop punk mood.  However, with the new release of the album “Cold” by Gideon I am ready to headbang and push mosh my way through the rest of the summer!  In the absence of a band like The Ghost Inside, I had been waiting for another band to fill that void with an album of high-caliber in the hardcore scene.  Gideon has more than filled that void with this new album.

The first time I saw Gideon was when they had just released their 2nd full length album “Milestone” at the Scream The Prayer Tour in Joliet, IL at Mojoes Rock Club and I knew right then and there that this band was going to grow into something huge.  While they may not have taken the road I thought they would and end up on huge headlining tours, they continued to work hard and always put out quality songs and performance when I would see them.  Now with their 4th album, I think this band is going to finally find their way at the top of a hardcore scene that is looking for something heavy to bring it back to the old days.

The album starts off with the song Champions, which in my opinion was the best song they could have opened with.  With a quick lead in guitar riff, the listener is immediately hit with an opening breakdown that is bound to open up pits all across the current tour they are on.  Moving through the album, as the kids say these days, it was banger after banger with songs such as Cursed, Freedomand my personal favorite Watch Me Sink leading the charge on what I would consider the heaviest album in hardcore in the year of 2017.  The album has a lot of melodic elements not only in the songs that are mentioned, but in every single song on the album which will allow listeners of all types to get into it right away.  I think the song that is going to catch the public eye the most, and arguably already has, is the song Cursed which has a feature from the singer of Knocked Loose Bryan Garris and can be viewed below.  Some advice, make sure you have enough space around you while you listen at work, home, etc  as you will be moving while you listen.

Gideon in my opinion has never put out a bad album and has shown progression with each and every release.  “Cold” will be the album that defines them and allows them to accomplish everything they are working for in this music industry.  My friends and I will be at their show with Ghost Key and Invent, Animate this Friday in Indianapolis and I will tell you right now, you will find us in the pit or crowd surfing to scream the words to every song.  You can catch Gideon with Ghost Key and Invent, Animate on the rest of their tour dates below and also order “Cold” at their merch store.  Don’t miss out on this album or sleep on this band, once the Gideon train leaves the station it won’t be stopped.

-Eric Neyhart

Gideon Merch Store

Tour Dates w/Ghost Key and Invent Animate

May 19 Indianapolis, IN @ Hoosier Dome
May 20 Lakewood, OH @ The Foundry
May 22 Syracuse, NY @ Lost Horizon
May 23 Albany, NY @ Fuze Box
May 24 Providence, RI @ Firehouse 13
May 26 Richmond, VA @ Canal Club
May 27 Fayetteville, NC @ Drunk Horse
May 28 Birmingham, AL @ Syndicate Lounge


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