One thing that I have found to be the best experience since starting this music blog journey is the amount of bands that have reached out and shared their hard work with us.  It is truly amazing to listen to what these bands have created and be able to share my thoughts on it with our audience and watch the bands grow.  Centerpiece is one of those hard-working bands who just recently released their first self titled EP and reached out to us to give it a listen.  Let me tell you, this band has a great future ahead of them if they keep producing music like this!

Centerpiece is from Omaha, Nebraska and is made up of vocalist Will Conner, with the guitar work of Paul Knapp, keyboardist Jay Nesmith, drummer Dave Mcinnis, and bassist Jon Ochsner.  Their debut self titled EP consists of 5 brilliantly written songs that have a mix of indie rock, alternative rock, and emo styles in each one of them that will give the listener something to like in each song.  The EP opens with the Take It Slow, which for me was my favorite song on the EP and set the tone perfectly for the rest of it.  We are greeted with a soft guitar, quiet drums, and the angelic like vocals of Will Conner and the pace is quickly picked up about 20 seconds later and we are led to an upbeat and melodic completion of the first verse of the song.  The rest of the album continues with its upbeat pace as we move through the songs Graffiti, Bliss, Concrete Floor, and Shadow and Shade. One of the best elements of this EP is that you hear shades of, what I consider the one of the best era’s in music, 90s alternative and the early 2000s pop punk emo movement which is the reason I instantly fell in love and continue to jam to this EP at work, home, and in my truck. It brought me back to the times when I was younger and had to figure out how to make it through the situations that life continues to bring each and every one of us.  I felt some inner peace while listening to this EP and I hope you all do as well while you jam.  I would say bands to compare them to are bands like Alcoa, Dry Jacket, Elder Brother, and Daisyhead.

Centerpiece is one of those up and coming bands I am really excited to see grow and they deserve whatever success comes their way.  They are currently playing a few shows in their home town of Omaha and I really hope they make their way up to Chicago so I can enjoy this EP live.  You can check out their EP below by following the link to their Bandcamp and also check them out on their social media pages as well! Don’t sleep on this band!

Centerpiece Bandcamp

Centerpiece Facebook

Centerpiece Instagram

-Eric Neyhart

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