Tigers Jaw was a band that I always heard of, but never really got around to checking out until I was able to see them at Riot Fest 2016 when they played one of the early morning spots.  I was instantly pulled in by the band and how energetic their performance was that day.  Fast forward to today and Tigers Jaw is still a band, but consists of the only two remaining members Brianna Collins and Ben Walsh, but that has not stopped them from putting out an album that you can hear their heart and soul in, “Spin”.  “Spin” is an album that you can hear and feel the transition of a band as they start the next chapter in their career and continue to grow as musicians.

I want to start by saying that it has been a long time since an album has pulled me in like this one has, while writing this review I am on my 4th spin(pun not intended) of the album just this morning.  Spin is an album that blends all of Tigers Jaw’s past sound ranging from pop punk, emo, and indie rock to create a full album that any listener can get lost within.  The album starts off with the upbeat song Follows, it is the perfect start to the album with it’s upbeat guitar riffs and melodic lyrics that are provided by Ben Walsh at the start.  This upbeat pace is kept up for the next few tracks, until we reach the song Escape Plan.  This song starts off with an acoustic guitar and we get to hear the beauty that is Ben and Brianna harmonizing together throughout the entire track, I still get goosebumps hearing how perfect their voices are together and it reminds me of a song that Brand New would possibly write.  The album continues to be upbeat all throughout and my favorite song off of “Spin” is the song Guardian.  Once again, we get to enjoy the perfect harmonizing of Ben and Brianna throughout the song and the melodic pace and lyrics will get any crowd to sing along when the band is playing shows throughout the US and other countries. The chorus of this song is so upbeat that I can’t help but bounce around in my desk chair and sing along, “Burn a candle to my skin/turn the handle, let me in/I cannot be your guardian anymore/Burn a candle to my skin, turn the handle, let me in/I cannot be your medicine anymore.”  Check out Guardian below and enjoy the studio footage of Ben and Brianna making this record!

You can check out Tigers Jaw on their US Tour (dates below) and also order “Spin” on the Tigers Jaw website here.

-Eric Neyhart

Tiger Jaw Tour

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