At the end of April 2017, we were gifted with the second official release track titled Don’t Let Me Fade Away off of the highly anticipated second full-length album titled “Deadweight” from Wage War. This track comes just one month after the release of their first single titled Stitch which can be found here.  For those new to the waves that Wage War have been creating since their signing to Fearless Records and their first full-length release titled “Blueprints” in 2015, I’ll bring you up to speed. Wage War is a metalcore band from Ocala, Florida and consists of Briton Bond, Seth Blake, Cody Quistad, Chris Gaylord and Stephen Kluesener. Wage War has been tearing through the scene jumping on any tour they can and destroying every stage they touch. Currently, Wage War is on tour supporting the juggernauts in Parkway Drive and once that tour concludes Wage War will embark on their first headlining tour with support from Gideon and Varials (whom we have spoken of in previous album and concert reviews you can find on our page). This will be the summer of Wage War as they rip through North America and leave only a trail of dust leading up to the official release of “Deadweight” scheduled for August 4, 2017 on Fearless Records.

Don’t Let Me Fade Away gives a different perspective of the band’s range and vision when compared to Stitch. The opening guitar lick builds up to the powerful vocals of Briton screaming “We all hide behind a mask” which becomes the theme of the song; hiding yourself from the world, whether from being ashamed, being embarrassment, feeling overwhelmed or simply feeling worthless to a world that no longer accepts you anymore. In life we journey through a course of choices and decisions. Most of the time we pick correctly, letting morals and values guide our way but sometimes we must make a choice that we don’t feel comfortable with and have to face the consequences. This track is a plea to those who have made a bad decision in life and to know that even in that dark time they are not forgotten. While Briton’s vocal prowess is present and in your face, it is Cody’s soft and warming cleans that is a very welcoming addition to the track. Personally, this track in particular highlights Cody’s vocal range unlike any previous tracks from the band and showcases Cody’s ability to counterbalance the heaviness of both Briton’s vocals and the underlying music behind it.  Wage War is such a heavy band and some bands in this genre can’t pull off the addition of cleans in a track without it feeling forced.

All of the components of Don’t Let Me Fade fit together perfectly and cohesively. There is no break in the heaviness.  Don’t Let Me Fades tip-toes between emotional breakdowns and emotional choruses giving the listener a full, deep and heart-felt track while also giving you a chance to tear the roof off of any structure you are in while listening. Having recently seen Wage War at the beginning of May 2017, it was Don’t Let Me Fade Away that the crowd went into a frenzy for. The track has everything you need in a metalcore song.  It has tough breakdowns, easy sing-a-long choruses and fast-paced finger tapping guitars and tight, precise drums. Overall this track completely summarizes Wage War and what they represent.

Make sure you check out the video for Don’t Let Me Fade Away linked below. Also, make sure to check out the tour schedule (which we have posted below) that I mentioned above featuring Gideon and Varials because that will be one tour you don’t want to miss this summer. I just hope that the boys are able to play in my hometown because I wouldn’t be surprised if this tour ended quickly due to disorderly conduct and destruction of public property with the excessive amount of heavy this tour will carry with it. Picture this tour as a tornado sweeping through North America, wreaking havoc on every city it touches down in and leaving nothing but a hollow shell of what used to be afterwards. We will be posting a live review shortly after the show and will also post a review of “Deadweight” once it is released, so stay tuned!

-Derek Hayes

Wage War Tour

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