Single Review

Capital Vices-Left Alone

We were privileged enough to get a sneak-peek at the single titled Left Alone by Capital Vices shortly after it was recorded a few weeks ago. We have been counting down the days until the single would be officially released on June 9th to be able to talk about how epic the track and the video are; which has been a challenge in itself as it is just too good of a secret to keep. For those unfamiliar with Capital Vices, they are a five-piece metalcore band residing in Chicago, Illinois featuring Jake Gillette, Joe Zarcone, Robert Pelletier, Matt Wolter and Matt Lathan. Left Alone, which has been linked below, is the first official track released by Capital Vices as they attempt to surpass their debut album titled “My Destiny, My Dynasty, My Deepest Dream” which was released in August 2016.

Left Alone begins with chugging, resonating guitar riffs that slowly build up, drawing the listener into unfamiliar grounds. Right from the start, the track gets your head banging with its tense, staggered melody. After the heavy intro subsides, we are greeted with a somber groove section which becomes the rhythmic backdrop of the track; a dark, complex orchestra of sound. Here we find something that wasn’t featured very much on their debut album – double bass drums. The choppy steps of double bass give the track a bit of depth and heaviness. Upon first listen, it becomes apparent that Capital Vices has found a more polished, tightened sound when compared to their previous releases. The band has embraced the metal side of their sound and has done away with the hardcore-influence that was seen on their debut release; which is a great step forward for the band. This side of metal, to me, feels more comfortable and at home for the band. In exchange for the hardcore riffs, Capital Vices has replaced it with sinister, ominous melodic sections that allow the band to show range while also breaking up the overall heavy feel of the track.

Featured on this track is vocalist Ryan Kirby from Fit For A King. Ryan’s contributions enhance the track giving the middle section of the song some toughness and backbone and compliments Jake’s cleans perfectly. Jake’s ability to switch gears from high, ear-deafening screams to low, gut-piercing growls is nothing short of impressive. And then to add his ability to also sing cleans just shows off his spectrum as a vocalist and personally gives me chills. The track ends with a ground shattering breakdown that I’m sure will crack the foundation of any venue that it is played in live. The main take away from this single is the band’s growth since their debut album. They have taken influence from other metalcore acts, such as Fit For A King, and have been able to dissect a part of that scene making room for themselves in the process. This track has some uniqueness in it and showcases Capital Vices’ ability to maintain a heavy sound without being forced to play the same riffs and melodies as those before them. There are parts in Left Alone that are unlike anything else in the metalcore scene today; which gives this band a lot of hope and promise moving forward. Overall, I am very excited to see the direction this single and second album takes this band in the coming year. While we are unaware of any future releases or the progress of a second album at this time, we will continue to check in with Capital Vices as more news becomes available. Currently, Capital Vices does not have any upcoming shows booked but stay tuned as there are a lot of heavy bands rolling through the Chicago-area this summer and I could easily see them landing a supporting role on a big tour soon.

-Derek Hayes


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